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Movie Mobile Israel was founded in 1990 as the daughter company of the New York City Movie Mobile Inc. We specialize in the rental of motion picture filming equipment to production companies in Israel and around the world. 

The company warehouse is situated in the city center of Tel Aviv, making it easy and reachable for all the many production offices and film sets in the city.
Our warehouses consist mainly of cameras, lights, grip equipment and more. We enjoy a reputation of having the best maintained equipment in Israel and we take high measures to keep it that. 

In the early years of operation Movie Mobile Israel specialized in lighting and grip equipment, since then we added other services such as transportation, generators and camp equipment. We opened the camera department in January 2005 starting with two cameras: ARRIFLEX 535B – which was inherited to us from the New York company, and a new Sony High Definition Camcorder HDW F900. Currently we carry additional film cameras and also P+S Technik’s Pro-35 and Mini-35 image adapters. 

Movie Mobile Israel general manager is Mr. Amir Peleg

About Movie Mobile Inc.
Movie Mobile Inc. is situated in New York City and specializes mainly in grip equipment. They carry an array of dollies, cranes, remote heads and accessories. They usually supply their equipment to the biggest productions working in NYC and surrounding area. The company is run by Mr. Aaron Kleinman, president of Movie Mobile Inc. and Movie Mobile Israel.