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Welcome to the new Movie Mobile Israel web site! 

Movie Mobile Israel is arguably the best rental house in Israel for motion picture filming equipment. Among our services we rent cameras, lights, grip equipment, trucks, generators and more. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in terms of professional knowledge, up to date equipment and maintenance.

We serve any client large or small, whether you're a graduate film student, who needs an affordable camera system or a major motion picture who needs multiple cameras and truck loads of light and grip equipment. 

We have it all....

The Movie Mobile team is proud to offer this new and versitile camera system. Available with the new software upgrade from ARRI that allows the camera to run up to 75 fps!
 Zeiss Ultra Prime 180 mm T1.9
Our new Zeiss Ultra Prime 180 mm is the only one in Israel. This wonderful telephoto lens completes our set of Ultra Primes.